And I'm sure you already know that.

Hey, beautiful! I'm Tricia. But you can call me T.

What makes you one hell of a woman? The simple fact that you have chosen to be here today. Doesn't that feel amazing? To make a decision and then make it happen?

Some of us aren't aware how powerful we are, especially as women. We aren't aware that we can control e v e r y aspect of our lives and ain't NOBODY gotta tell us how to live.

A year ago I felt completely powerless. Like I was stuck in "this life I was given" with no idea how to get out of the miserable sand trap I was in. I knew I was meant to be great but I had no clue how to get there or what great even meant. But one day I got so fed up I made the decision to change that.

NOW, gone are the days that; anxiety over relationships, money or health keeps me up all night, my fear of failure trumps all of my ambitions and I feel like I'm going through life in circles blindfolded.

If I can get 20/20 vision on exactly what I wanted and create it, then so can you!

And it's my commitment to help you discover that, unleash the burning fire in you and help you start living your Fierce Fab Life.


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We'll work together one-on-one and give your life a fierce fire in the most irresistibly fab way. In three months you'll be living the life you've always been envious of.


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My Story

How does one create a Fierce Fab Life? Read more about how I went from an absolute mess to where I am now & why it's possible for you. I'm sure you can relate.