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Helping women build their empires.


Hey, love!

I'm, Tricia Nguyen, your Marketing + Success Coach.

and I'm fiercely passionate about working with #bossbabes - just like you - to market an authentic brand online so you can get recognized for what you're worth.

Be True to Yourself

Be Memorable


Make a Difference


I know what type of woman you are because we're alike. You're passionate. You raise your standards. You want to achieve big things. You have the drive to succeed.

But you just need the right resources and support to make it happen. this marketing stuff can be so overwhelming and you don't know where to start.


Okay, boo. You've totally whispered this to yourself before:

+ Why does it feel like nobody cares?

+ Is anyone even taking me seriously?

+ Am I being too annoying?

+ Am I wasting my time and energy?

+ Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing.



I know what it feels like to jump into the deep end.

To take the plunge (more than once) and to feel like nobody cares about what you have to say. But you're trying to stay strong because you know you have so much potential.

Yes, you can totally continue playing trial and error. Or you can learn from my mistakes.

+ I've learned invaluable, painful lessons through more than one business,

+ Handled marketing for multiple companies and seen the consequences of winging it,

+ Been mentored by some of the top marketers in the online space,

+ While continuously mastering my craft.

...And I'm here to report that there's no need for guessing anymore.

"If you haven't had a session with Tricia yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do! One session with her and she helped me create a clearer vision of where I wanted to take my business and the steps I needed to get there. Second session in, I'm making moves and still making productive progress!
This is exactly what my business and I needed."

- crystal q.

"I used to feel like I might get laughed at if I aimed too high, but then Tricia told no dream is too big...
If you're serious about growing your business but you don't think you have what it takes, you're wrong. Tricia can show you the tools you already have and how to use them in a way so you can live a rich life. You only have one life to live so why not invest in yourself?"

- Angel n.

+ it's not about putting on a facade.

+ it's not about saying the things you think you should to please people.

+ it's about staying true to what you believe in.

+ it's about only doing the things that feel right to you.

You can attract dream customers who love the hell out of what you have. You can make money doing exactly what you love. You can be a #bossbabe who has her shit together.

And I'd love to show you how to get there.