What makes you a fierce boss babe? Being able to go through the trenches and come out 10x stronger. But the only way that happens is by actually going into the trenches.

“Everything I do I do it with a passion. If I gotta be a bitch, I’ma be a bad one...All the shit I’ve been through and it made me more of an assassin. I kill ‘em with compassion. And baby if they askin’, tell ‘em I go crazy!”

Do you know that one person who always talks more than they walk? Who’s always coming up with the next great idea but never doing anything about it?

I do! That was me. Maybe you were the same?

For as long as I could remember, I always wanted to start a business but was scared crapless. Of course there’s so many reasons to be afraid. It’s a huge risk and there’s so much unknown. But mainly, I was afraid of it not working out. Of failing and being judged for it. You feel me?

So when I got the opportunity to start my first business with a partner, I was quick to jump on and minimize the risk. I finally took the huge leap towards being a boss babe. Yay me!

But an important piece of the puzzle was missing: PASSION.

I didn’t love what I was doing. But I figured if it didn’t work out, I could use the excuse that it was her idea and not mine...And I did.

How to tell if you’re not truly passionate about something:

  • You’re not motivated to give 100%

  • You’re insecure or embarrassed to talk about it

  • You’re not excited to work on it everyday

  • Deep down, you now you’re heart’s not in it

You see, fear and passion can’t survive long-term in the same space.

So a year later I made the tough decision to let it go. And even though I knew it was the right thing to do, I felt like a total failure. I beat myself up about not doing better. I looked for external reasons to blame why this and that didn’t work out.

Who did I care so much about impressing? My family and friends. The funny thing is...none of them cared. Nobody cared that my business wasn’t a massive success. They all still loved and supported me. And to anyone who did judge me: Boy, bye!

My biggest fear was actually something I made up in my head and spent too much time trying to justify.

Once I discovered that I gained massive courage and the killer confidence to try again.

If you want to make failure your BFF now, I challenge you to take these steps:

  • Appreciate your past failures because they made you who you are today (hallelujah!)

  • Take responsibility for what you could’ve controlled (own it, girl)

  • Get excited about making more mistakes (so. effing. pumped.)

  • Use them to take back control of your life (who run the world?)

  • Get comfortable with living outside of your comfort zone (I go, I go, I go crazyyy)

I launched my second business after I’d gotten pregnant for the second time under 1 year… And I’ve never been more driven. Some call me crazy but like Kehlani says, it only made me more of an assassin!

Everyday I get closer and closer to being the best version of myself. And that makes me feel like a total #badbitch.

If I hadn’t changed my relationship with failure, I’d never be able to create this platform to empower you to live your #FierceFabLife. And what an absolute tragic that’d be!

Failures are stepping stones to the best version of yourself.

Share with me a failure that has made you the incredible badass you are today? How did you overcome and embrace it with arms wide open?

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