There were more times in my life that I felt like I was on the WRONG path than the right one.

Whether this was my decision to drop out of post-secondary, quit my job, start a business, have a child of out wedlock, post-pone my wedding until TBD or start my second business during my pregnancy...

I always put this pressure on myself like I wasn't making the "right" decisions EVEN THOUGH I knew that "being normal" and "playing it safe" wasn't going to make me happy.

This only led to me having MAJOR anxiety on the regular and a shit ton of insecurities. I used to beat myself up over every little decision I made. On top of that, it was hard for me to have genuine relationships with my family and friends because I was so worried they were all JUDGING me.

It was really a horrible way to live and was everything far from Fierce mentality or a Fab personality.

I used to think freedom only meant having unlimited bank, the ability to travel whenever and wherever and to walk around my house naked.

But now I've realized that there's a bigger one and that's freeing yourself from your inner and outer judgements. 


Spending our precious time overanalyzing what other people might think is silly!

We are giving up control over our own lives when we allow ourselves to remain a prisoner of other people's standards.

You are here because there is something amazing you have to offer to the world.

And when you forget that simple fact, not only do you miss out on living your life to the fullest but the rest of the world misses out on something big

Just remember although we may not all be going through the SAME struggles, we're all just trying to make sense of this thing called life that doesn't come with a manual.

So turn down the volume on other people's judgements AND your own and be however bad ass your heart desires to be.

What vicious cycle have you been putting yourself through that you want out of like YESTERDAY?

Mine is the ugly cycle of worrying about being judged, then judging others to make myself feel better...Only to feel even more insecure about myself. BLEH.

I would much rather spend my time enjoying a glass of champagne and walking around my house naked.

Share your answer below in the comments! I'd love to hear what other inner battles are out there.

Tricia Nguyen2 Comments