I want to give a shout out to Kanye West for reminding me how important my habits are!

I've always known that my third daily habit was necessary but thanks to hearing a line in his song "Good Life" with T-Pain for the millionth time, I finally realized that this stuff really does work. More on that in my vlog below.

Recently I've felt like I've been spinning my wheels but going nowhere. I was putting in the damn work and doing WAY more than I can handle but I wasn't seeing any progress. I think we can all relate to this at least once or twice in our lives.

Sometimes doing the best you can isn't enough. Keeping busy and putting one foot in front of the other is only part of the battle (not even half!).

It's our natural instinct to immediately ask, "What do I need to DO?" "What is the next step?" "How am I going to get there?".

But we need to know what the end destination looks like to figure out what actions to take. So whenever I lose sight of this, a powerful question I ask myself is:

What kind of woman do I need to be?

It's the little daily habits that we do that shape us into the women we are. Whether you're aware if these are good or bad habits, you are YOU because of them.


This morning ritual is what helped me start my second business while being pregnant for the second time under one year.

(So yes, there was a newborn in the picture.) I've learnt that will-power alone is not enough to crush goals and make big shit happen. 

These are habits that can easily be done, require very little time but make major impacts on your focus, productivity, confidence and #girlboss status.

If someone asked me to do these SIMPLE disciplines that only take 30mins a day and it would positively change my life forever, I'd be like, "HELL YEAH! Where do I sign up?".

What is your favourite morning ritual that helps you have a kick ass day?

A BONUS one of mine that most people don’t do but my fiance and I have been hooked on lately is taking a super COLD shower. Going from steamy hot and ending it with a blast of the coldest water. HOLY F. It really shocks the body but makes you feel BOMB after. You can literally ditch the morning coffee.

Leave yours in the comment below! I'd love to hear if there's any new ones I can implement into my ritual.

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