Hi love!

The name's Tricia. But my girlfriends call me T.

I work with women to unleash the fierce fire that's in all of us and to help them design the fabulous life they deserve.

Why does being fierce & fab mean so much to me?

Well, the last 3 years have been full of breakups.

No, not all with men. I freed myself from a toxic relationship, broke up with friends, broke up with a job that didn't make meh happy, broke up with my business and at one point, I broke up with myself.

In the same span of time, I fell in love, started a business, got engaged, gave birth to my first child, started a second business during, gave birth to my second child, and have re-discovered how #FierceandFab Tricia Nguyen really is.

Okay, let's take a breath. I know that's a lot to take in. While most people typically experience some of these major life events in the span of 5-10 years...

...Life never really works out the way we think it should. But it always works out.


Growing up in a traditional, religious family, the expectations for my career were to:

  • take over my family business,
  • join the priesthood (my brother stole that)
  • or get a stable, corporate 9-5 job

So when I quit my salary paying job, started my own business and had my two baby boys out of wedlock (sorry, ma!) that didn't go over well with my parents.

You can say I was always the "rebel" or "black sheep". This is partly the reason why talks of the priesthood/nunnery came up. But even the Lord couldn't save me.

Deep down I always believed that life doesn't have to be the way you're told it is.

When my first business didn't work out, I found myself in a situation "choosing" between being a stay-home mom with a second child on the way or becoming the #bossbabe I've always dreamed of being. And I know this isn't how all the mom blogs tell you you're "supposed to feel like" after giving birth to your first born... But despite feeing like I'd found a love so limitless when I laid eyes on my son, I felt like a piece of me was missing. (Gasp!)

I always knew I was meant for so much more.

I realized that I didn't have to choose and that my life could be whatever I wanted it to be. And we're not meant to figure it out on our own. So I invested in a coach, got the guidance to crate my second business and changed the way I looked at my life. THAT'S when I started taking back control of my own life.

My freakin' Fierce Fab Life to be exact.


Self-doubt and unworthiness plaguing me when it came to taking risks

Toxic relationships with negative people I thought I should be associated with

Life + career shame because of my insecurities of what other people thought

Giving up all self-care + self-love

+15K in debt from mistakes & mastering the art of online shopping

Constant money anxiety that I thought ignorance is bliss would cure

Working long, dreadful hours at jobs that paid enough but weren't worth the stress

Undervaluing myself to please others

I hit a breaking point when I realized I was robbing myself of happiness with self-pity and pent up resentment. It was slowly ruining all my relationships.

This is not the woman I am!

As usual, this was just another detour in this journey called life with more hills to climb, more turns to take and a much more rewarding view.

I knew I had all the tools to be amazing, I just needed help figuring out how to use them. And that's when it clicked.


It's my mission to empower women to start living living their lives on purpose.

That means fearlessly + unapologetically.

What does my fierce fab life look like?


Excited to work everyday and support my fellow sistas

Engaged to a man who respects the hell out of me

Finding the balance between my beautiful family + myself

In the best shape of my life even after my two pregancies

Feeling HOT AF in my own skin every time I look in the mirror

Travelling to bucket-list destinations with my loves

Watching my debt disappear as I attract more money, honey

Surrounded by a crew of inspiring #FierceFab woman

Enjoying the finer things in life guilt-free

Waking up everyday and loving the life I created


 I started living my life once I made a serious decision to do something about it.

I know it's not as easy as ripping off your suit and feeling powerful like Superwoman, but love, believe when I say it's possible. Despite what you've been through in the past or what you've been told.

Whatever your wildest dreams and desires arehold onto them like the last pair of suede booties in your size.

Know that you're SO deserving of them and all the suede booties your feet can step into.

So let's take the first step!

Step into your unconditionally, freakin'

Fierce Fab Life.